Engineering Tech Prep, Greenville High School – Floating Balsa Wood Crane Competition – Winners

The 11th annual competition partnering with Mote & Associates was held the week of February 17 – 23, 2019.  The competition came to a close with each of the 12 teams made up of 41 Junior and Senior students presenting their cranes to the panel.  Mote & Associates mentored the teams during class time earlier in the week.  Construction of cranes took place during school before the competition.  This year brought a new twist to the competition.  The balsa wood cranes were built on floating Styrofoam platforms.  Structures were placed in a pool of water and were built to support weight of sand in a bucket suspended from the crane outside of the pool.  The structure holding the most weight was the winner.

The first place structure held 5.7 lbs. and was constructed by Nicholas Colby, Aaron Buchy, and Matthew Karns.

The second place structure held 5.4 lbs. and was constructed by Mason Wykes, Makala Miller, and Morgan Gilbert.

The third place structure held 4.2 lbs. and was constructed by Devin Shepherd, Nathan Fry, and Foster Cole.

The winning teams will receive certificates and gifts from Mote & Associates.